Post Harvest 2018 Grain Marketing Plan

Is your grain currently held on farm in silos?

If so, consider the following:

A straightforward strategy is to simply sell out-of-the-money call options.  This technique alone will help your grain bins pay for themselves and make your farm more cost effective.

You can wait until the basis becomes favorable throughout winter, and into spring, before you decide to deliver.

Choose an option strike price above the current futures price - select a price point at which you will be comfortable in releasing the grain and delivering to the elevator of your choice.

Current Example:  Sell a March 2018 $3.90 Corn Call for 10 cents or $500.

If the futures price is below the strike price of $3.90 upon option expiration, then you would simply keep the 10 cent premium, or $500 from originally selling the call.  This premium can then be applied against your basis.

If the futures price is above $3.90, you can then deliver to the elevator.  It’s a win/win by either collecting premium, or moving grain off farm at higher than current prices.

Continue to execute this plan, as you await a possible grain market rally. This allows you to obtain your preferred hedging price.  If a subsequent rally does not develop, you will continue to collect premium as the options expire worthless.  This premium can then be applied to your operation.

Our plan is customized to your farm production - whether large or small



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